Rees Vs. Watchtower

In 1998, Bryan Rees of Maine, brought a lawsuit against the Watchtower Society claiming that the elders 'breached their fiduciary responsibility''. He claimed that his stepfather, who was an elder, should have warned him about next door neighbor, Larry Baker, who was a member of the congregation.

Rees claimed that sometime before 1989, Baker had confessed to the elders that he had molested a boy and that he was merely reproved. Rees then claims that Baker molested him after that time, from 1989 to 1992. In fact, Baker himself admitted to molesting Rees at least 30 times and was convicted of 'unlawful contact with a minor' serving some 90 days in jail.

What became of Rees' lawsuit? He won a 1.2 million dollar judgment....oh,but not against the Watchtower Society. That is what he won from the one responsible for the molesting, Larry Baker. As for the lawsuit against the Watchtower Society, the highest court in Maine dismissed the case in 1999. Another victory for the religion that has a child abuse policy 'unequaled in the religious community'.

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