Brelsford's Eleven Vs. Watchtower

Attorney Nolan Saul Brelsford of California brought 17 lawsuits against the Watchtower Society in California. You have heard of the 6 that were settled out of court after the firm of Love and Norris took over the cases. They have been given much publicity by opposers of Jehovah'a Witnesses. But what about the other 11 cases he filed? What happened to them and why has nothing been reported about them?

Journalist, Joy Lanzendorfer gives the answer: "Originally, Sacramento law firm Nolan Saul Brelsford brought 17 cases against Jehovah's Witness churches throughout California, including one in Sonoma County. The firm has dropped 11 cases and the remaining six lawsuits span several counties,..."

It seems Brelsford's eleven were quietly forgotten since they had no value to opposers plan to expose the 'pedophile paradise'. Seems opposers would like to do what they claim Jehovah's Witnesses do, hide and sweep things they don't want to admit under the rug. And so Brelsford's eleven were just swept under the rug by opposers. But those 11 cases have not gone unnoticed by truthseekers. They serve as further testimony that there are so many unproven and bogus claims made against Jehovah's Witnesses.

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